Mike Murphy: Unlike Politicians in D.C., Some Are Willing to Work Together

Mike Murphy is the Chief of Staff and Director of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget's FixUs initiative. He recently wrote an op-ed for the Arkansas Southwest Timesan excerpt of which is below:

And yet, the budget is only one issue, of many, where our political divisions and hyper-partisan atmosphere prevent any meaningful change from occurring. It is a frustration I have felt advocating for lawmakers to achieve a comprehensive solution to our debt and deficit.

That is why the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget launched FixUS. We recognized that issues like health care, climate, infrastructure, and yes, the national debt, require thoughtful and comprehensive approaches that cannot be achieved by any one party.

Through a number of efforts and partnerships, FixUS seeks to better understand the political, economic, and cultural root causes of our growing divisions, to identify and advance solutions, and ultimately, to help regain the sense of shared aspirations, values, and a belief that there is more that unites us as nation than divides us.

Read the entire piece here.

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