Mike Murphy: The question to ask in 2020

Mike Murphy is the director of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget's FixUS initiative. He recently wrote an opinion piece for The Fulcrum, an excerpt of which is below: 

A dozen Democratic primary debates have already been announced, with the first taking place this week. While everything from Medicare for All to impeachment and immigration are sure to be raised, I fear not a single question will be asked on the topic most needing discussion – the state of our democracy.

Whether in Iowa living rooms, New Hampshire union halls or South Carolina coffee shops, the presidential primaries offer a chance to raise issues that often fall off the radar once nominees are chosen and the general election is under way. The first primaries and caucuses are a mere seven months away and there's no doubt that countless advocacy groups are already on the ground, organizing and hoping to elevate their issues with both voters and candidates.

Read the entire piece here.

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