"Let Us Not Fail in the 21st"

We receive a fair amount of e-mails from concerned citizens every day, be it questions, concerns, comments, or just general thoughts. Every so often, we receive a comment that truly encapsulates what CRFB is striving for and why.

Today, we want to share such a letter we just recently received:

As a young voter who is just starting a family, the continued economic viability of this nation is a salient issue for me. While I consider myself a foreign policy buff, I fully understand that our ability to engage the world and promote democratic constitutionalism abroad begins with having things in order at home. Further, that to maintain our competitive edge in a globalizing and dynamic world, we will need to make substantial investments in infrastructure, education, technological advancement, and industry. Currently, our ability to make such investments is hamstrung by a federal budget in dire need of substantive reform. While this reform may be politically inconvenient, it is an economic, geopolitical, and national security necessity.

Our nation began in the 18th Century, nearly self-destructed in the 19th, and rose to power in the 20th; let us not fail it in the 21st. We owe it to ourselves, our posterity, and those who look to us to carry the torch of liberty guiding the free world, to ensure the continued viability of this great nation.

As such, as a young veteran who is attending graduate school and starting a family, I urge you to keep it up, and to keep thinking big.

You can trust that we'll keep thinking big. We always appreciate being contacted, and while we love letters like this, we always appreciate ones that have questions or that are critical. Click here to contact us.