The Latest Fashionable Trend

It’s official, budget commissions are now sexy. Esquire magazine confirmed it with the creation of its own Blue Ribbon Commission to Balance the Federal Budget.

The Esquire commission is made up of a bipartisan group of former senators – Bill Bradley, Bob Packwood, Gary Hart, and John Danforth – and will be chaired by Lawrence O’Donnell, pundit, former senate aide and “The West Wing” producer. The group will be tasked with creating “a specific, actionable plan that outlines how the government can eliminate the federal deficit by 2020.”

According to the magazine, everything will be on the table for the panel and the members will “negotiate, compromise, and forge a nonpartisan, commonsense alternative to the hyperpartisan status quo.”

If Esquire can make bipartisanship and making tough fiscal decisions hip, then it will have performed a great service. Just remember, we at CRFB were trend setters with our Peterson-Pew Commission on Budget Reform.