Join Us Thursday for "The Moral Case for Addressing America's Fiscal Crises"

We spend a great time on The Bottom Line discussing the economic and policy consequenses of the nation's unsustainable debt. But what about the moral and ethical dimensions of the current fiscal situation?

On Thursday, CRFB will host a panel discussion from 12:00-1:30 PM at 1899 L Street, Suite 400. Lunch will be served at the event.

During the discussion, topics like generational equity and the possible consequences debt could have on its most vulnerable citizens will be discussed. The discussion will be moderated by Rev. Dr. David Gray, a Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation and include the following panelists:

  • Marc Goldwein, Committee for a Responsible Budget  
  • Josh Good, Values and Capitalism Project, American Enterprise Institute
  • Rev. John Allen Newman, Senior Pastor, The Sanctuary at Mt. Calvary Church
  • Dr. Jay Richards, Distinguished Fellow, Institute for Faith, Work and Economics
  • Mark Tooley, President, Institute for Religion and Democracy

The event should be an excellent opportunity to discuss the issue from a different perspective, a moral and ethical one. We hope to see you attend.

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