It's Time to "SAVE" More

OMB and the President have just kicked off the 2nd annual SAVE Awards, a contest that allows federal employees to submit their ideas to save money for the taxpayers by making the federal government more efficient. Last year's winner was Nancy Fichtner, who suggested that the VA allow patients to take their medication with them upon discharge. OMB has also proposed the implementation of a few other ideas that didn't win, such as using electronic payroll statements.

As with last year, the winning idea will be guaranteed a spot in the 2012 President's Budget, most likely along with a few other prime ideas. We commented last year that this was "a gimmick we like" since it is important to make the government as efficient as possible. Also, many commentators have suggested that making these small cost-saving changes are a good trust exercise for the American people. If they believe that the government is using their money relatively efficiently, then they will likely be more willing to share in the sacrifice, whether it be on the tax or spending side.

The race for the SAVE Awards winner is on once again!