Human Side of the Fiscal Crisis Event Today

CRFB today is hosting a timely and unique policy forum on "The Human Side of the Fiscal Crisis." The event kicks off at 9 am and features a stellar lineup of participants from a wide array of backgrounds and perspectives.

The event will examine two divergent paths for the U.S. -- action or inaction -- and how each will affect a variety of groups and generations. The event will be moderated by Ruth Marcus of The Washington Post and speakers include CRFB co-chair and former Congressman Bill Frenzel; SEIU President Emeritus Andy Stern; Lenny Mendonca of McKinsey Global Institute; Derek Thompson of The Atlantic; John Rother of AARP, Ryan Schoenike of Young Americans for Debt Awareness; Deborah Weinstein of Coalition on Human Needs; Norman Ornstein of AEI; William Hoagland of CIGNA; Joe Minarik from the Committee for Economic Development; and Scott Bittle of Public Agenda.

CRFB's Anne Vorce will present her new paper on "America's Fiscal Choices at  a Crossroad." And CRFB will annouce and show the winning videos from our "Voices of America" fiscal video contest. Full program and live webcast available here.

The live feed is also embedded below and we will live Tweet @BudgetHawks ( under #fiscalchoices.

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