Go Big Is In the House

Today, Representatives Heath Shuler (D-NC) and Mike Simpson (R-ID) held a press conference to release a new letter to the Super Committee signed by 100 members of the House. The letter was a bipartisan effort, with roughly equal representation on each side, and calls for a $4 trillion package with everything on the table, including entitlement reforms and revenues. The letter comes in addition to the plethora of plans, letters, and support for a Go Big approach that we have been tracking over the past few months.

These 100 members of the House join 45 senators who have been calling on the Super Committee to also think big. Given the bipartisan nature of the signatories, this is a huge step forward as it means that members of both parties and both chambers of Congress are putting their sacred cows on the line for the good of the country. As we noted in a press release today:

"The Super Committee can now rest assured that if they are able to agree to a big package of reforms, which they so desperately need to do, they’ll have unprecedented support from many of their colleagues across the political spectrum."

The Super Committee has reached a crucial point in its negotiations as November 23 approaches. As Maya MacGuineas explains:

"This isn’t just a message for the members of the Super Committee themselves. It is also an urgent call to congressional leaders that Congress is ready to take up serious reforms to our entitlement programs and tax code to set the country on the right path...But it’s up to the Super Committee and congressional leaders to capitalize on this unique opportunity."

With bipartisan support from a substantial portion of the House membership, we do hope that the Super Committee capitalizes on the moment.