Glad You Like Stabilize the Debt! Help Us Make it Better

We are so pleased our Stabilize the Debt! simulator has been met with such a positive response. Thanks for all your emails and thanks Derek, thanks Reihan.  We already feel closer to getting the debt to a better place.

We also know there are many ways to improve the online simulation, so please send us your ideas.

Want more spending cut options? (Or tax increases? Or spending increases? Or tax cuts...). Let us know what, and send the year-by-year savings estimates if you have them. Do you work on the Hill and your boss has an idea? Forward it along so we can include it. Additionally if something is unclear, or is there a kink we didn't find, we are eager to hear what you think.

We'll be adding new ideas along the way (for instance, from YOUCUT) and sharing the responses we get with Members of Congress.

We look forward to your input.