Fix the Debt Travels to the DNC

After spending last week at the Republican National Convention, the Fix the Debt Team is taking up residence in Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention until Thursday. Once again, the team will be on the ground, talking up fiscal responsibility and hoping that fiscal issues will play a role at this convention. Today, the convention will feature, among others, the keynote by San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, House Minority Leader Steny Hoyer, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a video presentation from former President Jimmy Carter and first lady Michelle Obama. 

Our team on the ground will be sending out live tweets from the convention, which you can follow from @FixtheDebt and @BudgetHawks, and just like last week, readers of The Bottom Line will get reactions from the Convention. No matter your party affiliation, join us and the over 138,000 Americans who have signed the Fix the Debt petition and state that you believe that our unsustainable debt path is one of our more pressing issues and will help us work towards getting a solution in the coming year.