Fiscal Commission Receives a Majority of Votes!

Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) has just voted for the Fiscal Commission's final plan. In an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune explaining why he is choosing to support the plan, Durbin states that:

"The simple fact is this: America needs to grow our economy and reduce our $13.8 trillion debt."

CRFB is thrilled that another lawmaker has chosen to show real leadership and put the future of our country above partisanship in order to compromise on a balanced plan that gets our future deficits and debt under control. Durbin's vote of support marks the tenth official vote in support of the plan - creating a majority of Commission members lining up behind the plan.

We continue to hope that other Commission members will take note of the leadership shown yesterday and today by several lawmakers on the Commission who are choosing to support the final plan.