Factchecking and Live-Tweeting the Democratic Presidential Primary Debates

Jun 26, 2019

Tonight and tomorrow's Democratic presidential primary debates mark the first of the 2020 campaign and will surely touch on fiscal issues.

We're launching our US Budget Watch 2020 project tonight, which will factcheck candidates' claims and estimate the fiscal costs of their proposals. During the 2016 campaign cycle – through our Fiscal FactChecks and signature report Promises and Price Tags – we tallied the cost of every significant proposal from the major presidential candidates.

We'll be factchecking the budget-related claims at our Fiscal FactCheck page and live-tweeting using the Twitter handle @BudgetHawks. You can check out a live Twitter feed below:

In a statement announcing the launch of US Budget Watch 2020, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget president Maya MacGuineas said:

Details matter when proposing billions of dollars in spending and/or tax cuts, and the American people need reliable information about policies that could significantly affect their lives and the future of the United States. We will continue to dig past the sound bites and produce sourced, reliable, and independent analyses of candidate claims and proposals. Our analyses will not include the gimmicks and sleights of hand that are sometimes used to make the numbers work – we will just rely on math.

Tonight, we will be live on social media offering our expert analysis for why the candidates’ claims are (or are not) true. Follow us on our Fiscal FactCheck page and on Twitter and Facebook. If you believe that we have overlooked a particular claim that should be addressed, contact us and we will do our best to run the claim through our Fiscal FactCheck.