Fact Checking the Debates: Round 2

Vice President Joe Biden and Representive Paul Ryan (R-WI) will take the stage in Kentucky tonight at 9:00 PM E.T. in the Vice Presidential Debate. In the last debate, President Obama and Governor Romney spent a good deal of time in the last debate discussing fiscal policy -- though we hope each candidate gets more into the details tonight.

As in the last debate, our fiscal fact checkers will be tweeting live from @BudgetHawks, checking on the accuracy of fiscal policy claims from the two candidates. Check back to this blog tonight to see our Twitter feed below. If you missed our coverage of the first debate, you can find it here.

With a deficit hawk in Ryan and a veteran of budget negotiations in Biden, we expect tonight's debate to further reveal what each campaign will bring to solve our fiscal problems. Hopefully they follow our 12 Principles of Fiscal Responsiblity. Don't miss it!

Check back tonight to see our fact checkers live tweet the debate.