Defending IPAB

Today, CNN Money featured a piece from the Concord Coalition's Josh Gordon, who argued against repealing the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) established in the health reform legislation. As Gordon explains:

In a country struggling mightily with unaffordable health care costs now, and destined to struggle even more in the future, IPAB is one of the institutions that gives some hope that if we figure out how to control costs, we just might be able to put that knowledge to use.

CRFB has supported IPAB since before it was enacted into law and continues to believe in its cost saving potential. At the same time, IPAB does have some serious flaws and limitations and could be improved in a number of ways to make it more effective. We'll be writing more on just how this could be done soon. In the meanwhile, see the video below for a strong defense of IPAB: