CRFB's Table Comparing Deficit Reduction Plans

Since the Fiscal Commission released its final report yesterday, CRFB has updated its comprehensive table covering all of the deficit reduction packages out there to date. The comparison grid includes the Fiscal Commission’s co-chair and final proposals (a great way to compare the two!), Paul Ryan’s Roadmap, the Galston-MacGuineas Plan, the Esquire Commission’s plan, the Debt Reduction Task Force, and Rep. Schakowsky’s plan. The table compares them based on what impact each has on major areas of spending, from defense to tax expenditures and everything in between.

The table is a great resource to compare each of the plans that have been proposed to date to get the country on a fiscally sustainable path in the future—and it also illustrates the increasing focus in Washington and around the country on this critical issue. We hope that a credible plan will soon be endorsed by lawmakers.