CRFB's New Table of Overlapping Policies

As the first meeting of the Super Committee has come and gone, it is important to take a look at the policies that they could consider. CRFB's table of overlapping policies, which appears in our recent paper on what we hope to see from the Super Committee, is a great resource for looking at the sort of ideas that will get some attention in the upcoming negotiations.

The newest table uses policies that came up in either the House Republican budget, the President's Framework, the Domenici-Rivlin plan, the Fiscal Commission plan, or was under discus the myriad of debt limit negotiations. An "overlapping policy" is one that appears in multiple plans.

The table not only is a good resource for seeing which policies will be in the discussion, but also can be a good indication of how likely they are to be on the chopping block (watch out, farm subsidies). See the full table here.