CRFB Continues the "National Debt Tour"

As part of a continued national discussion on fiscal responsibility, The Wall Street Journal's Viewpoints Executive Breakfast Series will host Fiscal Commission Co-Chairs Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson along with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in New York City tomorrow.

The event promises to be a serious and informative dialogue on the U.S. fiscal position. CRFB President Maya MacGuineas adds that "as the Mayor of the world’s financial center and Co-Chairs of the Simpson Bowles Commission, they have invaluable insight into how our nation’s debt will impact the economy in the coming years."

We began our nationwide debt tour in Boston last month and will host similar panels including stops in Dallas, Minneapolis, and Seattle among others. As fiscal irresponsibility threatens the future of our country, the conversation of our rising federal debt should not just be limited to those in Washington. We hope that with more dialogue on fiscal issues, citizens can persuade decision makers to put reducing our federal deficit at the top of the agenda and make the tough choices needed for a solution.

Video highlights should be up within two days of the event, which you can view here