A Conversation With the Candidates' Economic Advisors

We hosted a lunch conversation with economic advisors from the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The event "How Would Clinton and Trump Manage Our Money?" was held at the Jack Morton Auditorium at the George Washington University and was moderated by CRFB president Maya MacGuineas. 

A summary of the event will be available in the next several days. For now, you can see some of the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #econvo2016.

The speakers were:

  • Stephen Moore on behalf of the Trump campaign. Moore is currently the senior economic contributor at FreedomWorks. Previously, he founded the Club for Growth and was a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board.
  • Gene Sperling on behalf of the Clinton campaign. Sperling is a former Director of the National Economic Council and former Assistant to the President for Economic Policy under Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. 

The video can be viewed here or on our YouTube page: