Congressional Hearing on Fiscal Commission Plan and Launch Event of the Moment of Truth Project

Two important events are lined up for today. First, the Senate Budget Committee will hear testimony from Erskine Bowles and Senator Alan Simpson, co-chairs of the President's Fiscal Commission. They will speak about the final report of the commission, The Moment of Truth.

Speaking of The Moment of Truth, after the Senate Budget Committee hearing, Bowles and Senator Simpson will remain on Capitol Hill for an event at 2pm to launch the Moment of Truth Project. The project is an effort co-chaired by both Erskine Bowles and Senator Alan Simpson which seeks to build on the momentum and prospects for bipartisan compromise created by their work as co-chairs of the Fiscal Commission.

The event will feature comments from several Senators who supported the final commission plan, as well as from David Cote, David Wessel, Donald Marron, Jeffrey Liebman, and David Gergen. Click here for more event details.

A webcast of the Senate Budget Committee hearing will be posted on the SBC website. Also be sure to check out CRFB's twitter page (@BudgetHawks), where we will be live tweeting both events.

Photo credit: Alex Brandon, AP.