Congress Is Struggling to Produce a Budget, So Do It Yourself with Our Debt Fixer Tool

The federal budget is more than 3 months overdue and the national debt is headed towards record levels. Now, we provide you an opportunity to show Congress how to move forward.

Today, we launch our newly updated Debt Fixer interactive federal budget tool that allows you to make many of the same budget decisions that lawmakers are struggling with. There is no better way to understand the fiscal challenges facing the country and what it will take to address them. Not only has the tool been used by thousands online, but also in group exercises and classrooms across the country.

Not only does the Debt Fixer provide a better understanding of the budget situation, it also offers you the opportunity to have your voice heard in the budget debate. Aggregated results from users who submit their choices when they complete the tool will be shared with policymakers to show what the public does and does not support.

Even if you previously did the Debt Fixer, you should try it again because there are many new options and the goals are now significantly harder to achieve due to recent tax and spending changes. Here are some of the new or updated options.

  • End the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Increase Defense Funding Levels
  • Tighten Border Security and Build a Border Wall
  • Provide a Pathway to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants
  • Increase Infrastructure Spending
  • Raise the Social Security Normal Retirement Age to 68
  • Increase Social Security Benefits
  • Modify the Health Care Reform Law (“Obamacare”)
  • Increase Non-Defense Discretionary Funding Levels
  • Modify the 2017 Tax Law
  • Reform the Estate Tax

Try the Debt Fixer today and be sure to submit your results at the end.