Comparing the Ryan Plan to...the Ryan Plan

There has been much discussion over the "Ryan Plan" since the House Budget Chairman was selected by Governor Romney to be his running-mate. However, there is not just one Ryan plan, but multiple iterations of the Congressman's proposals. They have evolved over time on specifics, although the overall approach has remained clear.

In 2008 Ryan put forward his Roadmap for America's Future, in 2010 it was Roadmap 2.0, in 2011 it was the Path to Prosperity, and again in 2012 it was the Path to Prosperity. You can see our reactions to each one here, here, here, and here.

To give a better overview of all of these plans, what is contained in them, and how they evolved, we've put together the following comparison table.


Update: CRFB Senior Policy Director Marc Goldwein discusses the Ryan proposals on The Brian Lehrer Show.