Check Out Our Live Fact-Checking of the First Presidential Debate!

The wait is finally over. Tonight in Denver will be the first of the three presidential debates, and there will be an opportunity to hear directly from the candidates about their plans to take on our federal debt problem.

Tonight's debate will be moderated by Jim Lehrer, and the economy will be the central focus of the first half of the debate. We expect the debate to turn to debt and deficits, and we hope both President Obama and Governor Romney give details of how they would reduce future deficits. Look tonight to see if Obama and Romney adhere to our 12 Principles of Fiscal Responsibility as well. This debate is important, since leadership will be needed from the executive branch in addition to the legislature if we are going to have a bipartisan and comprehensive plan.

Our fiscal fact checkers will be live-tweeting from @BudgetHawks to keep the candidates honest. Join us on Twitter or check back to this blog tonight and follow the live feed below. 

Update: Thank you for tuning in to our fiscal fact checking of the presidential debate. We will be posting a blog further clarifying some of our fact checks that deserve more than 140 characters. Stay tuned!