Bruce Reed Named as Biden's Chief of Staff

Today, Vice President Joe Biden announced that Bruce Reed will be his next chief of staff. Bruce served as Executive Director of the President's Fiscal Commission which issued its final recommendations in December. He previously served as the top domestic policy advisor in the Clinton Administration.

At the Fiscal Commission, Bruce was instrumental at forging bipartisan consensus around fiscal reforms between lawmakers at the opposite ends of the political spectrum. Many observers were shocked (including us!) to see the Commission garner support from 11 of the 18 members, achieving a bipartisan majority in favor of their recommendations.

CRFB would like to congratulate Bruce on this exciting new challenge, and we applaud the White House for bringing in an astute and experienced fiscal policy expert to serve in a major post. We can't think of a better person for the job. We hope Bruce will be able to leverage his expertise in this new position, and that his appointment portends positive steps from policymakers in the Administration in tackling our rising deficits and debt.