Barry Anderson on Bloomberg: 'Good Things' in Gang of Six Plan

Former acting director of CBO and CRFB board member Barry Anderson appeared on Bloomberg TV today, where he explained that he sees "good things" in the Gang of Six proposal. Anderson voiced optimism that we seem to be making "positive steps that are getting closer to a longer term big deal, and that is very positive news." Asked about whether a short term deal to buy time to work out deficit reduction would be a good move, Anderson explained that a two-step process like that might work well:

[I]t may well take two months or something in that nature to draft all the legislation, submit it to the Congress and have both the houses approve it and the president sign it. But that is not abnormal, and I think with that positive view of where we're going, to get a better idea of sustainability in our debt, I think that the markets and the rating agencies would welcome it with open arms.