Averting a Fiscal Crisis: CRFB’s Backgrounder Powerpoint

There seems to be no lack of commentary and analysis from the media and think tank community on our fiscal challenges in both this decade and beyond. Much of this, however, can seem a little wonky and esoteric for those who have not been following the debate inside the beltway.

To remedy this situation, CRFB has recently released a PowerPoint backgrounder on our fiscal challenges, which we encourage policymakers and concerned citizens alike to read over and share. This Powerpoint is meant to offer an objective, non-partisan view of our country's fiscal situation as an educational tool meant to help foster open and honest debate about these issues.

In order to avert a fiscal crisis, policymakers must immediately address our rising public debt by enacting a comprehensive fiscal plan. Our long-term debt drivers—mainly, rapidly growing health care costs and an aging population—are placing a greater and greater strain on our budget. As our debt continues to grow, the U.S. will face less and less budget flexibility as interest payments on our enormous debt will squeeze out other available resources and joepardize strong economic growth over the long-term. Everything needs to be on the table, including spending cuts, tax reform, and budget process reforms. We need a fiscal plan.

Be sure to check out our Powerpoint, which outlines these challenges and some of the solutions offered.