Another Poll Shows Strong Support for a Comprehensive Deficit Reduction Plan

As if we needed more proof that the country is ready to deal with our debt problem, the Peterson Foundation today released the results of a new poll that showed both Democrats and Republicans would support a bipartisan solution for the debt. Of the over 1,000 registered voters that were sampled, 95 percent wanted to see Democrats and Republicans work together to solve the country's fiscal problems.

Also notable was the support for a long-term plan for dealing with the country's debt problem. Among the findings:

  • 94 percent of voters believed that lawmakers needed a long-term plan to deal with the debt instead of relying on short-term fixes in times of crisis
  • 90 percent of voters believed that the lack of a long-term plan was creating uncertainty and having a negative effect on the economy
  • 88 percent of voters believed that the budget conference committee must reach an agreement and 89 percent of voters believe the conferees should focus on the long-term problem

The results are encouraging and not surprising. Just one week ago, the Campaign to Fix the Debt released a poll with findings showing that Americans are supportive of a comprehensive debt deal. When included in a comprehensive deal, entitlement and tax reform received strong support. This is even true for specific policies that have often been suggested for a bipartisan deficit reduction package, with the chained CPI, Medicare means-testing, caps on tax expenditures for higher earners, and raising the taxable maximum for Social Security all receiving support from a majority of those polled.

The Peterson Foundation and Fix the Debt polls should send a strong message to the budget conferees, who began meeting this week. Said President and COO of the Peterson Foundation Michael Peterson:

Despite Congress’ inability to reach bipartisan compromise, a majority of Americans in both parties are willing to agree to difficult policy changes to achieve a long-term plan on our national debt...The Committee should use this opportunity to put America’s fiscal and economic future above politics, and move our great nation past these short-term fire drills once and for all.

The American people support compromise. It's up to lawmakers to see it through.

Click here to see the topline numbers from the Peterson Foundation/Global Strategy Group poll.