A week ago, the Campaign to Fix the Debt launched the "Citizen's Petition to Fix the Debt," demanding that Congressional leaders and the president work together to fix the debt. Today, over 92,000 concerned citizens have pledged their support for this effort. Over 50,000 signatures were gained in the first 48 hours alone.

This enthusiasm and support demonstrates there is a real hunger for lawmakers in Washington to enact a bipartisan, principled compromise to put America’s debt back on a sustainable, downward path. Petition signers are demanding that Congress and the President put aside partisan rhetoric and put national interest first to solve this important issue now. The longer we wait to address our debt problem, the harder reform will be and the greater risk we run from experiencing slower growth or even a crisis down the road.

Those who sign the non-partisan Citizen's Petition agree on six fundamental principles:

  1. America's debt is unsustainable
  2. A solution must address all parts of the budget including reforming entitlements, cutting spending, and eliminating tax loopholes to raise revenues
  3. A solution must protect America's core values
  4. Finding common ground is essential
  5. National interest is more important than special interests
  6. The time to act is now

The movement is growing. Help us surpass 100,000 signatures by the end of the week. Do your part to tell Washington to fix the debt today by signing the Petition at https://fixthedebt.org/.