Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget


House Set to Pass New Rules

Last night, the House Republican conference approved a new se

Have No Fear, CRFB Is Here!

Noted economist Brad DeLong is asking: where are the

Pay As You Go and the Tax Cuts

Continuing in our discussion of (what we believe to be the most important!)

‘Line’ Items: (Fiscal) New Year’s (Lack of) Resolutions Edition

Should Old Performance be Forgot, and Never Brought to Mind? – The new fiscal year (2011) began on Friday.

The Importance of PAYGO

The Wall Street Journal reports that a packag

Keep Your Eye On the Deficit, Say 58 Democrats

A few days after Senate Republicans jumped on board the Sessions-McCaskill

Steny Hoyer on Everything Fiscal

In remarks at the think tank Third Way, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer

What's An Emergency?

The statutory PAYGO law left a gaping hole for spending designated as an emergency.

‘Line’ Items: Greek Tragedy Edition

From Sophisticated to Sophocles – The untangling of the complex web of financial manipulation and deceit arising from the &l

Bill of Extenders and Tax Breaks May Include Doc Fix

Policymakers will soon be focusing on passing a new package of extenders and tax breaks that – at a potential cost of around $200 billion ove