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Burwell Nominated for OMB Director

In a move that had been anticipated for a while, the Obama Administration

Where the Axe Will Fall: A Detailed Look at the Sequester

This afternoon, the OMB released its legally required

OMB Starting to Prepare for the Sequester

Over the past few days, the Office of Management and Budget is getting to work p

Re-visiting the President's Budget: OMB's Mid-Session Review

The OMB has released its Mid-Session Review (MSR), essentially a re-estimate of the President's budget taking into new legislative, economic, and t

CBO's Economic Analysis of the President's Budget

Although CBO's analysis of the budgetary effects of the Pr

CBO and OMB In Tune on President's Budget

Today, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its analysis

Going Long: OMB's 75-Year Projections

In our paper on the President's budget, we noted that the budget would on

More Details on the President's Budget

In a post earlier this week detailing what's known about the President's budget, w

Previewing the President's Budget

With less than a week before the President's budget comes out The Wall Street Journal