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Fiscal Cliff

Fiscal Cliff Watch: Offers Begin to Emerge

UPDATE: Debt numbers in table have been slightly altered since the original posting.

Myth Buster: Other Plans are Much Worse Than the Fiscal Cliff

We've shown that there a plenty of reasons to not go over the fiscal cliff, including that it

MacGuineas and Weinstein on the Fiscal Cliff

CRFB President Maya MacGuineas joined Mark Zandi of Moody's Analytics on "

The Tax Math of the Fiscal Cliff Discussion

In a blog post on the White House's website, National

Drawing Lessons from the 1990 Federal Budget Deal

Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, lawmakers faced a serious challenge with large budget deficits.  Throughout the 1980s, many

CBO: Federal Government Will Hit Debt Limit in February or March

With all the attention on the fiscal cliff looming only weeks away, the fact that the federal government

Myth Buster: The Fiscal Cliff Spares the Poor

Some commentators have advocated for a position of

TPC Releases Fiscal Cliff Tax Calculator

Yesterday, we discussed the myth that the poor would be spared by the fisc

Line Items: Leftovers Edition

Putting the Turkeys Behind Us – We hope everyone had a good holiday weekend! As we all recover from the annual turkey-i

Myth Buster: Those Who Advocate for Deficit Reduction Should Love the Fiscal Cliff

In the first of our "Myth Buster" series this week, we take on the myth t