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Short-Term Deficits May Be Shrinking, But Long-Term Problem Remains

Update: This blog has been updated to include the Mid-Session Review and CBO projections for the 2013 deficit.

Could Faster Growth Solve Our Debt Woes?

A number of commentators have suggested recently that our budget problems could be solved if only we focused more on promoting economic growth....

New Poll Finds Broad Support for Comprehensive Debt Plan

The Campaign to Fix the Debt has recently released

Deficits are a First-Order Problem

Yesterday, Former Treasury Secretary and director of the National Economic Council Larry Summers

Marc Goldwein: Don’t Believe the Myth That Debt Problem is a Myth

With the recent improvement in medium-term budget projections, some are trying to advance

We Need More Than $13 Trillion in Deficit Reduction Over the Next 20 Years

In light of CBO's updated long-term projections, and our subs

What Do High Debt Levels Do To Our Economy?

Politicians and economists have long talked about the negative effects of an

IMF Emphasizes Need Smarter Deficit Reduction Strategy

After finishing its preliminary annual review of the U.S., the

Deficit Reduction Doesn't Need to Be Front-loaded

Regular readers of The Bottom Line are probably familiar with our goal of putting the debt on a downward path as a share of the economy ov