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Aug 14, 2017 | Blog Paper Event | Social Security

Social Security's 82nd Birthday

Today, the Social Security program turns 82 years old. Social Security helps millions of Americans, and the program has a lot to celebrate. But the...


The FY 2018 House Budget and Budget Gimmicks

The House Budget Committee recently passed a Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 budget resolution that proposes a path to a balanced budget after ten years...

We Must Increase the Statutory Debt Limit and Take Action to Deal with the Debt

For Immediate Release The United States government is quickly approaching the deadline for raising the debt ceiling. Maya MacGuineas, president of...

Maya MacGuineas: 31 Years Later, Tax System Stuck in the 'Danger Zone'

Maya MacGuineas is president of the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and head of the Campaign to Fix the Debt. She recently...

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